Sunset Runs

It’s staying light later! This makes me so happy.

california-running, post-run-sunset

Still a bit of light – even after a commute and a run!

During the week, I run after work. My commute is too far to make morning runs feasible (a 4am alarm is just too much when you’ve got a 50-mile commute and a full workday). I don’t mind running in the dark, especially since that usually means lower temperatures. Running at dusk, though, just feels great. Other runners and walkers are out, everyone is happy to be getting some time outside. And as summer approaches, we all just seem to look up at the still-light sky and smile, anticipating all of the fun and great weather that awaits.


Worth it.

By John Rea-Hedrick (found here)

I’m convinced that the new shoes are magic. Last night, I set out on a flat course, wanting to get in a few miles before dark. Didn’t really pay much attention to my watch, although I was pushing myself to get my heart rate up. The downtime was short-lived; I’m ready to work on my form and start increasing my speed, then my mileage again. Following the Boston Marathon updates on Monday only reinforced my desire to run a sub-2 half – not to mention to complete a full marathon. The only way to improve is to push yourself out of your comfort zone (within reason – it’s pretty hard to improve when you’re stuck on the couch with an injury). So I’m – carefully – pushing myself. And this happened:


Garmin: “You have a new record!”

I swear it’s partly the new shoes though. Maybe bright colors do make you run faster? Or maybe the weather? Prior to the stress fracture, I was running a 5k in about 31 minutes. Then I got the Garmin… then I got injured. As I recovered, my 5k pace dropped to 9:10-9:15. Then last week, in my first run with the new shoes, I went to 8:45. Today, 8:34, with a 5k time of 26:34. That’s huge for me. Which makes me want to run another 5k race… it’s been a while!

But really, the shoes are magic.

What’s your favorite time of day to run?



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